These are direct follow giveaways, meaning the host will follow your account and tell their followers to follow the accounts they follow for a chance to win. They don’t fill up with bots, or anything like that.


This method is through promoting you on big and established Instagram pages with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers in order to bring you more followers and more clients to your business.

Targeted Growth

I will help you choose the correct pages to promote on or the right celebrity giveaways for your niche and business.

Guaranteed Growth

If you choose to go with the celebrity giveaways, I can guarantee the growth and the amount of followers you pay for.


Having more followers makes you instantly more credible. The only thing left for you is to use that credibility properly.


If you choose the shoutouts method, I can't guarantee the growth per promo but the followers will be more active.


What I can do for you too.

Celebrity Giveaways

$ 550+
  • The starting package is for 5,000 followers and up. Can go up to 100,000 followers.


$ 400+
  • The starting package is based on a 24 hour promotion on an Instagram page.


Most frequent questions and answers

The guarantee is only for the celebrity giveaways and based on previous experience, I can estimate the minimum amount of followers my client can gain from each giveaway. If you don’t reach the guaranteed growth, you will be added in the next giveaway for free so you can reach that number.

For the celebrity giveaways, I have USA and International based audiences. You can choose which one fits you. And for the shoutouts, the audience depends on the page from which I can provide analytics. Most of them have USA based audiences as the majority.

I can’t guarantee the growth because I charge per promotion and not per followers. It all depends on the content that’s used for your promotion and whether the people who click on your page like what they see or not.

For the celebrity giveaways, I can provide a refund if the giveaway you selected is canceled or if you don’t reach the guaranteed growth, I will provide a refund for the followers you haven’t reached. And for the shoutouts, there’s no refunds once it’s posted on the page. I can provide a refund if you cancel the order before the shoutout is posted.

Contact me

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me! We can schedule a phone call too if needed.

Telegram: mikimitrev